Exploring Nature As a Gateway To Divine Truth

Dear Beautiful Souls, 


Last month, I invited you to reclaim summer as a time to relax, nourish yourself, and explore what it means to create real happiness. In this post, I’ll show you how to get started on that path. To find true well-being, we must begin by attending to the needs of the soul. The first and most important of these needs is to find and connect to Source. 

Discovering and coming to understand the Divine might sound daunting, but it needn’t be. In fact, a simple sense of childlike curiosity and wonder is the best way to come to know the Divine. The truth is not difficult to find; we are simply invited to wake up to it. The Divine is a lively and definite truth that shines throughout the universe.  

Searching for the Divine awakens the spiritual purpose of the brain and mind. We are meant to resolve the greatest of human inquiries: to find the answers to our most persistent and pressing questions about the meaning of life. The human heart is equipped with the intelligence to guide us to find the truth.   

We do this by engaging in inquiry. Each question brings you deeper into yourself and closer to your purpose. Inquiry connects you to truth and ultimately to the Divine. Nature is the river from which we drink Divine truth. It is there that we ask questions and receive our answers. These answers take the form of perceptions that we come to believe in as a result of doing our homework about the meaning of life.   

Inquiry is not an esoteric practice; it is something we do here and now. To get started, take several deep breaths. Become present and relaxed. Set the intention “May I come to know the truth.” Bring to mind a clear, open-ended question about the nature of the Divine. What is it you’d like to know?  

Then relax your consciousness and prepare to receive wisdom from the Divine. Your answers may arrive in the form of intuitions, dreams, experiences with others, or other quiet messages. Your heart will resonate with these whispers of truth as you expand and integrate the knowledge your mind has gathered with the known truth inside. 

The natural world is alive and pulsating with divine consciousness and light, making the outdoors the perfect place to practice inquiry. Every element of creation contains an imprint and a reflection of the truth. To practice spiritual inquiry in the outdoors, find a quiet place in a garden, park, or terrace and contemplate one of these questions: 

  • As a gentle summer rain falls, ask yourself, Why is it that the plants get what they need without asking for it? Who cares for them? Who tirelessly supports me? And why?  
  • As you gaze at the lush foliage of a blooming plant, ask yourself, What qualities of the Divine are reflected in a leaf? What qualities are reflected in a flower? 
  • As you watch a bird flying, you may wonder, Why are birds designed to fly when humans are not? What can I learn from the birds about the truth of the Divine? 
  • As you watch a fish making its way upstream, you may ask, What does this creature reveal about faith? How does that relate to meaning, purpose, and surrender?  

Inquiry becomes the gateway through which we ask questions while opening ourselves to the answers. We gain access not only to our own wisdom but also to the universal consciousness that is present in the trees, birds, stars, planets, and entire universe. The mind thrives on building its innate muscle of wonder and fascination. We are captivated by the desire to learn more. Our souls rejoice as we expand the learned truth into our entire being, dancing in resonance with the rest of creation. Inquiry offers us a gateway to a spiritually aligned life. 

I hope this post has whetted your appetite for spiritual exploration. In my next post, I’ll guide you in finding a greater sense of meaning by exploring ways to express the unique imprint of your soul. For more inspiration on your journey, I invite you to read my book, The Art of Surrender, which offers step-by-step guidance on the spiritual path of the soul. 


Action item: Choose an aspect of the natural world and use inquiry to explore it, inviting it to reveal to you the truth about the Divine. Share what you discover in the comments below. 


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With love,