Channeling Your Passion into a Life Purpose

Dear Beautiful Souls, 

In an earlier blog post, I discussed how true happiness and well-being arise when the three primary needs of the soul are fulfilled. In this post, I’ll focus on the soul’s need to find ways to express itself and its beauty in the world. In the ordinary rhythms and routines of our daily lives, It’s easy to just keep doing what we do without really thinking about why we do it. Summer is a perfect time to step back, take a breath, and contemplate the “why” – that is, the meaning and purpose that drive our actions. 

The “why” will be different for each of us. Every soul comes with its own fingerprint, a unique blend of God-given gifts and talents. The soul naturally seeks ways to express its uniqueness. Not every expression of the soul will reach the level of your full life purpose. Yet as you express your own particular talents and abilities, you fall into your home vibration that allows you to fulfill the intention of your creation.  

What does your soul long to express? It is during childhood that we are most in touch with our unique and innate gifts. Take a moment to reflect: 

  • As a child, what did you most love to do? How did you choose to spend your free time? 
  • What were your childhood dreams? What did you most want to become or accomplish?  
  • What were your favorite realms of imagination? 

With a little creativity, you can see how your childhood inclinations and dreams translate into adult pursuits. For example, if you loved to read as a child and created your own handwritten and illustrated books, perhaps you are meant to write and publish a book as an adult.  

Why does it matter that we know our purpose? We can find true health and happiness only when we meet the needs of the soul, including the need to know what it is that we are meant to do with our lives. Once the soul’s needs are met, it can freely give its fruits, nurturing the world in return.  

Knowing your purpose can change your life in a number of ways. 

A sense of meaning brings us into balance. If we dismiss the spiritual dimension of our lives, we strip everything we witness of its sacredness. We run in circles trying to fix, control, and manipulate our life and the lives of others. This is a fundamentally an imbalanced state. Understanding your true purpose enables you to live a more meaningful and balanced life. 

Our purpose reconnects us with the world and the people around us. When we dissociate from our true selves, we cannot live to our fullest potential. Disconnection is the root cause of all suffering. Our inner disconnection not only affects our own physical health, it also ripples outward, potentially leading to pain and suffering for those around us. We are by nature spiritual beings who long to connect with our world and the other people within it. 

Purposeful living connects us with divine guidance. When you commit to purposeful living, you give your life and your path over to your Creator; you wholeheartedly say, “Guide me. Take care of me. I am here to acknowledge the truth about you while I do good in the world.” In alignment with the Divine, you move and act the same way the rest of God’s creations do, secure in your awareness of the higher power that guides you.  

The journey to find and connect with Source naturally culminates in surrender to the Divine. The moment of surrender is a moment of deep openness of the soul. It is an invitation to trust the Divine while you open your heart to the unknown. The soul sighs as it finally recognizes that Source is available to support it through its journey.  

When talent meets service, your passion becomes your life purpose. You become stronger from the inside as you know who you really are and what you want to do in this world. When you discover your true purpose, you bring authenticity to the world. You live with fluidity, joy, and an entirely new level of well-being. 

Action item: 
Reflect on your innate gifts. What did you love to do as a child? What is your life’s passion now? What are your next steps toward living your true purpose? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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With love,