What Does It Mean To Live in Alignment with the Divine?

Dear Beautiful Souls, 

Aligning to the Divine is the ultimate human pilgrimage. The soul sincerely wants to align to Source. This is the phase of the spiritual journey that comes after the soul has first found and connected to Source and then come to know Source. Alignment is a subtle concept, and one that deserves our careful study.  

True alignment to the Divine takes place not in some other realm, but here and now, in our everyday life. It happens at the times when we are busy, distracted, and not focused. It happens at times of crisis. It happens when we are out with friends, discussing matters of life. We can connect with and align to Source in every action we take. 

You may think of alignment in terms of a feeling of oneness and unity among all people. This is only half the equation. Think of your relationship with the Divine as a figure eight or infinity symbol, with one side being you and the other side being the Divine. Nothing in this world—nothing—matters unless it takes us back to God.  

Alignment is the delicate combined state of surrender and prayer. In alignment, you move and act the same way the rest of God’s creations do, secure in the knowledge that a higher power guides and takes care of you. At the same time, you are in a constant state of prayer, or personal communication with the Divine.  

Alignment means stepping into a sacred circle that only rotates with input from you and the Divine. In that circle, prayer is your input. At the same time, you are allowing guidance and input from the Divine by wholeheartedly surrendering your actions and listening in. In this way, the Divine shapes your life with wisdom and grace.  

Many of us think that prayer is asking for what we want, but it goes far beyond that. Prayer is the breathing in and out of the universal truths. Your interaction with the Divine is not only about receiving but also about giving. Through your actions, you make your unique and precious contributions to the world as you express the purpose of your creation.  

It is through the God-given power of free will that we are able to make these contributions. At the same time, our free will presents us with great challenges. It gives us the illusion of power and control, when in fact we are not in charge. While the rest of creation is already in alignment with this universal truth, we humans continually struggle to grasp it. When we pray, it is a declaration that we have reached the limits of our sphere of influence.  

Ultimately, prayer is an affirmation of the truth about the Divine and a calling of the Divine power to make change happen in your life. Prayer can take three forms: asking, acting, or praising the Divine.  

  • Asking in prayer. Prayer can be a call for divine intervention. Your life is on the line, and you call out for help. Or you have a dream that you want to bring into reality. Or you simply want something to change. In this form of prayer, you are asking for what you need in that moment.  
  • Acting in Prayer. When we act in prayer, our prayers become our actions. We realize that part of our mission is to make this planet flourish and thrive. We are drawn to serve and contribute by expressing the soul’s unique gifts.  
  • Praise in Prayer. In praise, you state the evident truth about the Divine. You can do so by expressing gratitude for whatever you witness in your life and the lives of others. You may express praise of the Divine qualities you discover through your observation of everyday life. In heartfelt praise, you assert the ultimate truths and strengthen your ties with the Divine. 

Alignment fulfills the needs of your soul. Your soul gets to continuously connect to its Source by entering the sacred circle with the Divine, dancing between surrender and prayer. In prayer, the soul gets to express its beauty and essence through acts of kindness. It gets to show the world its unique signature, and it brings life to the lives of others. Finally, when the soul finds its own ways of being, it is reflecting the essential form given to it by the Divine. In alignment, your soul gets to connect, express, and be in truth.  

In the state of alignment, you fully realize that no one else has any power over you. People and situations are merely mirrors and guides on your journey. There’s no power that resides outside of you except the power of the Divine self. You continually make the choice to settle for nothing but the truth.  

Joy and expansion come to you. You realize that all is well; there’s nothing you need that is not given to you at any moment in time. You flow into life, achieving dreams you once thought were not possible. You discover how to express your uniqueness, your brilliance, and your light. 


Action item: Reflect on the three forms of prayer: asking, acting, and praising. What would you like to ask of the Divine? How will you manifest your unique purpose through your actions? What gratitude or praise of the Divine do you wish to express? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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With love,