Three Simple Tools to Create a Life of Joy

Dear Beautiful Souls, 

Happiness often seems elusive, taking us by surprise in certain moments and remaining tantalizingly out of reach at other times. We seek pleasure and fulfillment, although not always in the right places. The pursuit of happiness is, quite understandably, a universal human endeavor. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience more joy?  

To find true joy, we must seek it skillfully and wisely. Genuine contentment and fulfillment arise not from fleeting experiences or material possessions but by meeting the needs of the soul: to find and connect to Source, to discover our own ways of being, and to express the unique purpose of our existence. 

Finding and connecting to Source frees us from struggle and fear by teaching us to surrender that which is outside our control. Surrendering does not mean giving up; it means becoming more and more discerning of what is within our control and what is not. True surrender empowers us to utilize the gift of free will to create good in the world.  

The soul seeks situations and environments in which it is being its fullest self. Ways of being, for the soul, include freedom, compassion, truth, beauty, serenity, peace, and trust. Each soul comes with a unique signature blend of these states, which define its distinct essence. To thrive, you must identify and cultivate your intended states. For example, if your soul desires to be in contemplation, then you know that time for yourself is necessary for your well-being.  

Finally, the soul longs to find ways of expressing its beauty. It is here that we manifest our talents, our abilities, and our most hidden desires for ourselves and the world. When we nourish ourselves on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually – we can achieve true well-being and meet the soul’s needs.  

But these are lifelong journeys, and you may feel unsure where to begin. How do we find and connect to Source? How do we discover our intended ways of being in the world? How do we know the right ways for our soul to express its beauty and uniqueness?  

Those questions need not be overwhelming. Here are three simple, practical tools you can use in your exploration. 

1. Observe 

Self-awareness is key. Take time to observe your thoughts. When you are faced with uncertainty or loss, what thoughts tend to arise? In difficult situations, what feelings come up? What is your habitual state of mind? What stories do you tell yourself? It is equally important to notice your actions. How do you typically respond? 

2. Connect 

Learn to tune in to the voice of your soul, to the part of yourself that is most intimately connected to the Divine. By doing so, you gain access to an entire universe of profound wisdom. Gather a pen and a notebook. Pose a question, such as “What is the nature of the Divine?” “What are my signature states of being?” or “How am I meant to express my soul’s uniqueness?” Then listen for the quiet voice within, and begin to write. Allow your soul to freely answer on the pages of your journal. Don't hold back. You will discover a wise and loving voice that speaks the truth. 

3. Document 

As you gain insights and glimpses of the truth, make notes so you don’t forget what you’ve learned. Reread earlier journal entries looking for patterns that may yield further insights. What words and phrases come up repeatedly? What themes do you notice? See if you can find a picture that is emerging and revealing the truth about the Divine, your soul, your life, and your desires. 

When you take the time to understand and meet the needs of your soul, your life will change in ways both subtle and profound. By observing, connecting, and documenting, you can lovingly nurture your own spiritual growth and live a life of true happiness, fulfillment, and joy. 

Action item: Give yourself the gift of taking the time to meet your soul’s needs. Make a commitment to spend at least thirty minutes each day observing, connecting, and documenting. What do you notice? How do you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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With love,