The Art of Surrender by Eiman Al Zaabi

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“Surrender is my favorite word. More than a word, surrender is my daily prayer and way of living. And it is, as Eiman Al Zaabi’s Art of Surrender  so clearly shows us, the sweetest path to joy.”
 —Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul and Soul Vows


 “One line leapt out at me from the early pages of Eiman Al Zaabi’s book: “create a place for the soul to explore and find its connection to Source.” Those words capture the essence of spiritual surrender, which she explores with simplicity and beauty, revealing how we might release ourselves from those frail illusions that obscure the Greater Mystery.”


—Hal Zina Bennett, author of The Lens of Perception: An Owner’s Guide to Higher Consciousness


"I needed Eiman’s honest voice to cut through the saturation I felt with purported experts selling me strategies to live my best life." 


—Deina Rabie, Linguistic Anthropologist 

What would it feel like to reach the end of your life feeling satisfied that you had lived fully and joyously? How would your life change if you moved through each day with a sense of meaning and purpose? What would it be like to feel whole, supported, and deeply connected to the world around you?


The Art of Surrender offers a blueprint for true peace and authentic living. Whether you are taking the first steps on your spiritual journey or have long traveled such a path, this book will transform your relationship with yourself, the Divine, and the world around you. You’ll learn the deepest needs of your soul and discover how to meet them. You’ll be guided through the four stages of the spiritual journey: finding Source, knowing Source, aligning with Source, and surrendering to Source. You’ll master the delightful art of spiritual inquiry, investigating ideas for yourself and incorporating only those truths that resonate deeply. Drawing on her Muslim heritage and her wise and careful exploration of a variety of spiritual traditions, Eiman Al Zaabi shows how the soul’s journey can lead us to the ultimate state of fulfillment and joy: surrender.


As you read, you will discover:

  • how to cultivate a holistic understanding of yourself, your context, and your spiritual journey
  • the three primary soul needs
  • an understanding of the happiness/well-being model
  • how to work with your ego
  • the spiritual purpose of your brain and mind
  • that Truth with capital ‘T’ does exist, and how to understand what it is
  • tools to connect to the universal truths
  • the role of chaos theory in our spiritual understanding of the Divine
  • a personalized road map of the journey to surrender
  • How to joyfully express the unique purpose of your creation
  • how to live a life of surrender that leads to happiness, joy, flow, and balance.
  • Discover your own unique spiritual path with 15 guided reflections and 25 guided practices.

 The Art of Surrender is an invitation to take a delightful, soul-led journey toward the Light.

What People are saying

Gentle and Profound Wisdom

"I am so grateful to have found this book. I read many books that discuss spiritual paths so it is a true delight to come across a book with as much wisdom and clarity as "The Art of Surrender." At first I began to skim through the book as I am apt to do, but found myself wanting to return to the opening pages and read it more thoroughly from beginning to end. I did not want to miss anything. What attracted me was not just the profound thoughts being expressed but the manner in which those thoughts were expressed. The author has a gentle, peaceful way of self-expression that I was drawn to the tone of the book as much as I was drawn to the content. You get a true sense that the author is authentic; that she lives what she writes which makes her ideas and concepts even more compelling. More remarkable to me, the author is a young woman but her words suggest she is an old soul. If you seek to move closer to the Divine this book may give you a certain clarity to help you on your journey. It is truly a remarkable book. I hope to read more of this author's works in the coming years." Paul Coleman, Psy.D.

Surrendering to True Happiness, Peace and Contentment

"The contents of this book and the message author Eiman Al Zaabi is conveying within its pages are, to me, one of the greatest if not the greatest pearls of wisdom we can share with each other among our human fellowship. Regardless of our backgrounds, our cultures, the myriad ways we have been raised around the globe and throughout all history, there is such a deep, all-inclusive, universal solution to all problems we experience in this “human condition,” and as Al Zaabi spells out for us so well in such loving and simple language, that solution is found in the art of surrendering ourselves - our little plans, our schemes, even our belief that we have a separate will - to the One Who created all that is. To surrender our little idea of a separate will in order to join with the Will of our Source, realizing we are part of that Will, making it our own, is the very key to Heaven Itself." Patrick Darling, Author & Speaker

A truly inspirational book, I am so thankful to finally understand

"I absolutely love this book!!! Reading this book touched my very soul. It has helped me so much to navigate through the everyday challenges I know we all face. Eiman Al Zaabi has surely written this from her heart and soul. This is a beautiful book and a reminder to us that the universe is constantly communicating with us and leading us on the path we should follow. We just need to stop and listen, and that is "The Art of Surrender"" Renee Faulkner

Thank you Eiman for this gift!

"I have noticed that for many readers who reviewed The Art of Surrender, Eiman’s words appeared as a much needed salve to ease the emotional wounds of our modern life. “We live from the outside in” she wrote at the beginning of the book and drew me in, as I’m certain many others, into her story. Actually, the most significant thing for me about the book is not that it is “a practical guide to enlightened happiness,” but that it is indeed a deeply personal and vulnerable story. Our bookstores and online world are bursting with self-help guides. I needed Eiman’s honest voice to cut through the saturation I felt with purported experts selling me strategies to live my best life. I was already on the path of trying to connect and expand the scope of my spiritual self because I knew that that was what I needed to do. Yet, as I read through the book, I realized that what I had been needing is someone to show me what surrender would really look like in my day-to-day life. I’ve found reading The Art of Surrender to be extremely rewarding because it reads like a conversation with a friend as it weaves in and out of Eiman’s personal narrative, her expository sections, and the practical work she assigns her readers. Since my first reading of it, I have returned to the book several times, especially the last chapter, Surrender as a Way of Life. For what I truly love about Eiman’s framing of surrender is that it is not a means to transcend life and its attendant struggles and pain. On the contrary, surrendering to the divine is the way to fully and feelingfully immerse oneself in life and bravely explore the limits of being a creative and deeply engaged human being. This book might appear on the surface to be a self-help booking for individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment, but for me, it goes well beyond that. Because in learning to engage with myself through connecting with the divine, I have found the space to connect with others from a place of humility, courage, and vulnerability. As Eiman claims, surrender is truly an art and a daily labor. But we are social beings; we don’t live alone in the world. Embarking on this journey that Eiman offered me has given me the grounding to not only work at being connected spiritually, but to create the space within myself to live from the inside out. This, to me, is the most powerful message and force of the book. In our world today, we need real and vulnerable voices like Eiman’s to show us how to navigate through our pain by seeking our divinely-inspired purposes so we can cultivate enlightened lives among others. This book didn’t make my pain of loss or life challenges disappear in a puff of magical smoke, but it has empowered me to learn to sit with my discomfort with the security of knowing that I am not alone, that I am never alone." Deina Rabie, Linguistic Anthropologist