What are you seeking?

Do you want to explore spirituality without being told what to believe in?


Is meditation not your cup of tea?


Do you enjoy asking questions and challenging established ideas?


Are you looking for a guide on your journey? 



 Discover how inquiry can help you find yourself, answer life's biggest questions, and embark on a journey of the soul

Learn the art of surrender

►Nurture the three primary needs of your soul


►Live authentically based on a holistic understanding of happiness and well-being


Connect to the universal truth


►Create your personalized road map of the journey toward surrender


►Find and know God


Align your life with knowledge of the Divine


Surrender completely and effortlessly to a loving God


►Joyfully express the unique purpose of your creation


►Live a life of happinesscontentmentflow, and balance


►Discover your own unique spiritual path with 16 guided reflections and 25 guided practices.


Your Companion on the journey

The Art of Surrender is your wise and loving guide as you embark on a spiritual quest to achieve the ultimate fulfillment and joy: effortless surrender to the Divine.

Winner of the Body, Mind and Spirit Book Award

Winner of the Reader's Favorite Book Award

Winner of the Book Excellence Award

Praise for the art of surrender


"Eiman reminds us that surrender is not about being 'less than' anything or anyone. It is a lifelong journey and spiritual practice connected to true humility."


— Penney Pierce author of Frequency and The Leap of Perception


"For seekers of truth, Al Zaabi is a wise and intrepid guide through the wilderness of the self. In plainspoken and heartfelt language, she shines light on the spiritual path and reveals the beauty and necessity of surrender, which has for too long been misunderstood in the west."


—Krista Bremer, author of A Tender Struggle

“One line leapt out at me from the early pages of Eiman Al Zaabi’s book: “create a place for the soul to explore and find its connection to Source.” Those words capture the essence of spiritual surrender, which she explores with simplicity and beauty, revealing how we might release ourselves from those frail illusions that obscure the Greater Mystery.”

 —Hal Zina Bennett, author of The Lens of Perception: An Owner’s Guide to Higher Consciousness


"When you are huddled in the dark, this book puts a hand on your shoulder, lifts you out of the chaos of your mind, looks into your eyes with deep love and, step by gentle step, shows you what the soul needs to find and connect (re-connect) to Source."

―Jodi Aman, author of You 1, Anxiety 0: Win your life back from fear and panic.


Gentle and Profound Wisdom

“I read many books that discuss spiritual paths so it is a true delight to come across a book with as much wisdom and clarity as The Art of Surrender. If you seek to move closer to the Divine this book may give you a certain clarity to help you on your journey. Truly a remarkable book.”

―Paul Coleman, PsyD, author of Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces.

“A fundamental shift in the spiritual journey occurs when we realize the inherent gift that lies in surrender.  It means we are willing to move closer to the heart, to be with the Presence in presence and flow with the changes of life with more trust and more flexibility. In The Art of Surrender, Eiman Al Zaabi beautifully captures the spiritual freedom in letting go despite the fear of wanting to hold on. With a willingness to hold the space of new possibilities, Eiman demonstrates how we can come to understand there is no need to cling to the unknown from a place of fear.  We can instead, be with the freeness of knowing that life is always conspiring for our highest good. In surrender, if we can truly be with our heart we will come to know the profound capacity of the heart to lead us through it all.”

―Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley, author of The Gift of Crisis: How I Used Meditation to Go From Financial Failure to A Life of Purpose 

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