Finding Yourself

"Struggle is not the problem; indeed, challenges and even chaos can strengthen us, just as a tree on a windy hillside develops a stronger trunk. The real problem is in forgetting your roots and distancing yourself from your true self."

Eiman Al Zaabi - Finding Grace

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a better life. It takes real courage to listen to the distant call of your spiritual self. It takes even greater courage to shift the direction of your life. Your life will improve on every level when you consider all elements of your well-being, especially the three needs of your soul: to find and connect to Source (God), to find your unique ways of being (values), and to find ways of expressing your gifts.


I am thrilled and honored to be your guide on this journey. I will support you in gaining greater self awareness, greater insight into your life situations and help you release the past so that you have a better quality of life. I will provide you with tools and ways you can make progress in areas related to your spiritual discovery, your connection with the Divine and your overall well-being. I work with clients who are ready to make a change in their lives and those who consider themselves as active seekers of truth.   


Please note that I take a neutral stance when it comes to spiritual exploration, supporting you while you discover the truth for yourself.

What to Expect During a Session


Coaching is an organic process based on the intentions you set for yourself at any given moment. My role will be to walk by your side as a spiritual guide, a coach, and a compassionate friend. Depending on the type of coaching you book, there will most likely be an educational piece, followed by exercises and additional work to integrate the results of the session into your daily life. 


If you desire to have a long-term coaching relationship, the work will be a continuous process leading you toward the goals and the vision you have set for yourself. If you would prefer a single session, the coaching can be laser focused on any pressing issue in your life. Schedule the type of session that matches your needs. Please note that multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the impact and results you desire. 


For any queries about coaching, please contact


I highly recommend you read The Art of Surrender in order to learn more about how meeting the needs of the soul forms the basis of true well-being. 

notice: sessions are currently unailable during the first half of 2021

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