Teaching you the beauty of aligned living

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a better life. It takes courage to face the past and work with the present to create a happier tomorrow. Your life will improve on every level when you consider all elements of your well-being, especially the three needs of your soul: to find and connect to Source (God), to find your unique ways of being (values), and to find ways of expressing your gifts.


I am thrilled and honored to be your guide on this journey. I work with clients on issues related to well-being such as exploring your spiritual path, knowing your inner self, healing the past, healing your inner child, and finding and connecting to God. Please note that I take a neutral stance when it comes to spiritual exploration, supporting you while you discover the truth for yourself.


What to Expect During a Session


Coaching is an organic process based on the intentions you set for yourself at any given moment. My role will be to walk by your side as a spiritual guide, a coach, and a compassionate friend. Depending on the type of coaching you book, there will most likely be an educational piece, followed by exercises and healing work. Finally, you will choose an action item to integrate the changes into your life.


If you desire to have a long-term coaching relationship, the work will be a continuous process leading you toward the goals and the vision you have set for yourself. If you would prefer a single session, the coaching can be laser focused on any pressing issue in your life. Schedule the type of session that matches your needs. Please note that multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the impact and results you desire. 

During the process of navigating the various elements of your well-being, you will:

  • cultivate a holistic understanding of yourself, your context, and your spiritual journey
  • clarify your soul's three primary needs
  • come to understand the happiness/well-being model
  • learn how to work with your ego
  • learn how to create practices that will support your well-being
  • enhance your ability to receive insights
  • learn how to use your mind to conduct spiritual inquiry
  • learn how to joyfully express your unique purpose
  • engage with surrender as a daily practice to live a life that leads to happiness, joy, flow, and balance.
  • discover your own unique spiritual path

For any queries about my coaching methods, please contact me at info@eimanalzaabi.com.


I highly recommend you read The Art of Surrender in order to learn more about how meeting the needs of the soul forms the basis of true well-being. 

Have questions about the sessions or need more information?