My philosophy

I believe...

  • Well-being rests upon truth, and truth leads us to surrender. Our souls suffer when we fail to recognize what’s missing in our lives: an authentic relationship to the Divine.  
  • The potential to find and connect to the Divine is readily available to us in every waking moment. All that’s required is that we exercise our willpower to create a life based in truth.  
  • Humans are honored with the gift of choice, a great distinction given to us by the Divine. You can empower yourself by accepting the privilege of choosing your path.  
  • Your life is a precious gift that should not be wasted in blindness. Living a life in fullness is the best gift you could give to yourself and those around you.  
  • The awakening of a single human being has the potential to ripple outward to that person’s family, friends, community, and planet. A drop of water joins other drops to create an ocean. 
  • Acknowledging the oneness of our Creator can unite us across all religions, colors, and backgrounds. This transform our behaviors, our interactions, and our communities.  
  • Every human’s life counts. We will achieve collective well-being when we recognize that when one of us is hurt, all of us are hurt. 
  • Modern life distracts us from the truth. The key is to allow the soul to take its natural course and awaken. Every human is on a journey to find, know, align with, and surrender to the Divine. 
  • Living in Divine presence is your portal to everlasting contentment and joy.  

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