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About Eiman

Eiman Al Zaabi is a seeker of truth, thinker and spiritual teacher. She is passionate about making sense of the world and sharing her insights and learning through her books, programs and workshops.

Unlike most Western and or New Age self-help authors, her work is inspired by the spirituality of Islam with the fundamental integration of Oneness of the Divine in her approach to spirituality and life in general. Eiman has distilled the essence of the spirituality of Islam embodied in oneness of the Divine and teaches that as the core concept for happy and fulfilled living. She integrates the principles of harmony, beauty, and unity in her teachings and takes delight in helping readers discover a place unknown to the mind yet known to the heart.

Eiman’s journey was inspired by her own experience with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. She believed there must be more to her life than that perplexing emotional and physical barrier, and she began searching for answers. Her pursuit led her to a profound understanding of the art of surrendering to the Divine. In The Art of Surrender, she guides readers in the spiritual journey of finding Source (God), knowing Source (God), aligning with Source (God), and surrendering to Source (God). The destination of this journey—surrender—is the ultimate state of fulfillment and joy.

Eiman does not endorse nor use New Age practices to achieve spiritual alignment and or personal development. Eiman's approach is based on her experience, research, and ability to create models for personal development that call for a new line of spirituality that keeps your religion intact allows for freedom of expression and creates a safe and Divine inspired place for personal development. Her book, The Art of Surrender charts a map for spiritual and personal awakening to achieve total well-being and enlightened happiness.

In addition to her private coaching practice, Eiman holds a degree in business information technology and a master's in business administration. She lives in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates with her husband and children.

Eiman is available to speak for organizations or groups seeking guidance in spiritual living and personal development. You can read more about her philosophy below.

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