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Eiman Al Zaabi is a seeker of truth, thinker and spiritual teacher. She is passionate about making sense of the world and sharing her insights and learning through her books, programs and workshops.

Unlike most Western and or New Age self-help authors, her work is inspired by the spirituality of Islam with the fundamental integration of Oneness of the Divine in her approach to spirituality and life in general. Eiman has distilled the essence of the spirituality of Islam embodied in oneness of the Divine and teaches that as the core concept for happy and fulfilled living. She integrates the principles of harmony, beauty, and unity in her teachings and takes delight in helping readers discover a place unknown to the mind yet known to the heart.

Eiman’s journey was inspired by her own experience with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. She believed there must be more to her life than that perplexing emotional and physical barrier, and she began searching for answers. Her pursuit led her to a profound understanding of the art of surrendering to the Divine. In The Art of Surrender, she guides readers in the spiritual journey of finding Source (God), knowing Source (God), aligning with Source (God), and surrendering to Source (God). The destination of this journey—surrender—is the ultimate state of fulfillment and joy.

Eiman takes a clear cut from New Age and modern day spirituality by recognizing that no spirituality exists without religion and that religion is a fundamental component to our spiritual development. Eiman sees religion and spirituality as two sides of the same coin. If you are a believer in religion but have gone weary from the clichés and empty promises of New Age spirituality, then you have come to the right place. Eiman does not endorse nor use New Age practices to achieve spiritual alignment and or personal development. Eiman's approach is based on her experience, research and ability to discern truth for herself. Eiman calls for a new line of spirituality that keeps your religion intact, allows for freedom of expression and creates a safe and Divine inspired place for personal development. Her book, The Art of Surrender charts a map for spiritual and personal development to achieve total well-being and enlightened happiness.

In addition to her private coaching practice, Eiman holds a degree in business information technology and a master's in business administration. She lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates with her husband and children.

Eiman is available to speak for organizations or groups seeking guidance in spiritual living and personal development. You can read more about her philosophy below.

My Philosophy

Eiman’s philosophy developed as part of her careful exploration of world religions, modern day spiritual practices, healing methods and modalities as well as her understanding of her own religion (Islam). Eiman is not a sufi and does not call for mystical practices within a specific religion. Eiman calls for a spirituality that honors and lives by Divine oneness with religion intact and calls individuals to draw boundaries that maintain their religious beliefs and not overturn them by embracing that which violates Divine truth. Below is a general outline of her fundamental philosophy:

God: The one and only creator of man, the natural world, the seen and the unseen realms of this universe. The God of Noah, Moses, Jesus, Abraham and Mohamed. The creator of the heavens and the Earth. God is the source of life and we cannot build a spirituality away from the source of what gives us life. God is also referred to as the Divine, Source and Light. The potential to find and connect to the Divine is readily available to us in every waking moment. All that’s required is that we exercise our willpower to create a life based in truth. Living in Divine presence is your portal to everlasting contentment and joy. Acknowledging the oneness of our Creator can unite us across all religions, colors, and backgrounds. Every human’s life counts. We will achieve collective well-being when we recognize that when one of us is hurt, all of us are hurt. This in return transforms our behaviors, our interactions, and our communities.

Religion: is  a map and a common moral platform for all mankind that comes from Source, providing us with the blueprint for healthy and sustainable living on earth at the levels of mind, body, and spirit. Just like God has provided us with sources of food, shelter and water, he has provided us with religion to feed our spiritual self. Religion aids the awakening of morality to govern our earthly social interactions. Religion instigates the awakening of human conscience, which is essential for living responsibly from a common moral platform. Humans are honored with the gift of choice, a great distinction given to us by the Divine. You can empower yourself by accepting the privilege of choosing your path.

Spirituality: Spirituality is the day to day encounter with the sacred through our states of being, doing and praying. Spirituality represents  the intimate day-to-day encounter with God. It is the place where practice meets presence. In that space, we go through a set of realizations that take us deeper into our experience of God. It is the space within which we ask and receive, the space in which we witness grace and love as we cultivate faith and surrender to what’s to come in our lives. Your life is a precious gift that should not be wasted in blindness. Living a life in fullness is the best gift you could give to yourself and those around you.

Soul: answering the call of a part of you that longs deeply for that which is sacred and spiritual opens doors to lasting fulfillment and contentment in this life. To start this journey, let’s first define “soul.” The soul is the Divine’s  gift of existence.  It is the initiation of the “I” and the individuation of you. Each soul  has unique characteristics.  The soul requires the physical body in order to have an experience; without it, the soul  is consciousness  that travels in the Divine realm. The soul has three primary needs: to find and connect to Source, to find ways of being, and to express its uniqueness.  

Self: Your role is not to try and define the self, your role is to be the guide of your own self, to be the one who takes care of yourself and clears the path for your own goodness to be birthed into the world. We all carry good inside of us, but have we actually listened to it? Have we sought to know what it is that we want to express through our uniqueness? The self is the place where change begins, where you map out your needs and desires and seek to have them brought into reality. The self has the ability to live a life of peace and harmony. That ability can only be activated once the self has cultivated  the conditions that will allow it to thrive.

Healing: Between the sheets of our suffering, there lies a lily. The you that you have abandoned or neglected and you spend a lifetime searching for her because her scent is something that calls onto you constantly. She desperately seeks for your return and pleads for you to come home. In the space of hopelessness, the one within is lost and so you go on a quest to find her by obtaining external wisdom, knowledge and in a cult like spiritual practices. You make encounters with guides, chanters, channelers, crystal healers and the likes who seem to deflect the light of truth only to sell you a counterfeit spirituality. Could they truly help you find her or would you find her in the vast ocean of the self that is waiting for you to open the gate so that it can flow through you? All it needs is a simple acknowledgement from your end that you are worthy of being yourself. That you are at the shore of safety and that trauma no matter how severe and conflicted can reconcile itself in the presence of truth. To allow your inner self to grow into the person she has always dreamed to be. There’s a direct line of communication between the realm of truth that lies within you and the wakeful consciousness of your day to day existence. You do not need a guru to have that conversation within. You do not need a guide or a spiritual being to show you the way. This is a place of privilege, of absolute truth and individuality that does not belong to anyone else and you must honor this truth and let no one in.

Personal Development: there’s a space in which the self can thrive in the presence of the Divine. Personal development is achieved by growing out of ego and by developing deeper self awareness. The human experience is guided by two Divine laws, the Law of Awakening and the Law of Evolution. The law of awakening kicks in when we launch our spiritual quest to finding truth and begin to ask the big questions of life. The law of evolution is always in the works and it is described as the process of growing to become more of our true self.  The law of awakening allows us to discover our collective purpose on this planet which is to find, know, align with and surrender to God. While the law of evolution allows us to go on a journey to discover our unique individual purpose as we express our gifts and talents in the world. Modern life distracts us from the truth. The key is to allow the soul to take its natural course and awaken. Every human is on a journey to find, know, align with, and surrender to the Divine.

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