My Philosophy

Our well-being is permanently intertwined with our search for the truth in this universe. Let me explain.


With its precise and interconnected ecosystem, the universe is founded in harmony; it would not exist without harmony. At the same time, our well-being as humans on this planet depends on our each living a life that keeps us in balance and connected with that universal harmony. Such a life is attainable only when we engage in the search for truth. In this way, truth and harmony are two sides of the same coin.


The spiritual seeker's journey is a passionate endeavor to discover the human relationship to the Divine. Everyone, without exception, is on a path of spiritual awakening. We seek answers to our struggles, but we may wander off course and search in places that offer little hope.


True awakening has well-being at its core. We grow into this well-being as we live a life of inquiry, searching for the truth in all that we do and observe. By embracing our inquisitiveness and seeking truth, we are ultimately led to surrender. The rest of creation—the birds, trees, butterflies, animals, and the entire universe—is already living in this state of surrender, aligned with the truth of the universe. It is your job, and your opportunity, to discover surrender too.


This ongoing search for the truth that will lead us to surrender requires us to understand three primary components of our spiritual life: the self, the context, and the journey. These essential elements are at the heart of discovering true well-being for yourself.

The Self

Our individuation comprises the soul, the self, and the ego. The soul is the light, the truth from which each of us lives; it is who we are regardless of the physical world and our physical attributes. The self is the soul operating in the physical plane. The ego is the shadow side of the self, the aspects that accumulate from the mental, physical, and emotional pains of life. Its purpose is to help us evolve.


We achieve well-being by creating a life that feeds our soul. The soul has three primary needs, one of which is to find and connect to Source. To do this, we must understand the spiritual context we are in. 

The Context

Understanding the context of our daily existence, our journey, and our awakening means engaging in inquiry. We learn to recognize the rules of life. For instance, we see that life is a process of evolution stimulated by chaos and shaped by the variety that surrounds us. Life is responsive in nature; it offers us the people and experiences we need in order to discover the ultimate truth. We also come to understand the singular, almighty, loving nature of the Divine force that governs the universe.

The Journey

On the journey, we are actively seeking the truth and discovering ways to fulfill the soul’s needs. This combination of engaged spiritual activity propels us on a journey toward surrendering to Source. Such a journey consists of four stepping-stones: finding Source, knowing Source, aligning to Source, and finally surrendering to Source. Surrender is ultimately not incidental; rather, it is a matter of consciously creating a trusting relationship with the Divine. This relationship moves us purposefully—rather than haphazardly—through the four stepping-stones.

 I am pleased to share with you my book, The Art of Surrender: A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being, in which I teach the specific skills and strategies you’ll need on your journey to spiritual growth and well-being. Join me on a delightful path of developing your abilities to connect to the Divine and to manifest a life of truth and alignment. My intent is not to dictate, but to guide you in discovering the true meaning of being a human on Earth. Your life will never be the same. Are you ready to step through the door?