Teaching You The Beauty Of ALIGNED Living

"Surrender is not something you try out in times of need or crisis. It is not something you learn about in a workshop and then set aside when you become overwhelmed by everyday responsibilities. Surrender is a way of life. In fact, it is our only real option."

Workshop Topics

  • Mastering The Art of Self-Awareness
  • Practical Lessons in Emotional Intelligence
  • The Art of Holistic Well-being: Living Life As Spiritual Beings
  • Living Life by Design: Discover Your Passions, Values and Life Purpose
  • Understanding the Spiritual Journey and the Path to Fulfillment.
  • The Art of Spiritual Inquiry: Learn how to activate the spiritual purpose of your brain
  • Living The Art of Surrender: Prayers for Healing and Letting Go 
  • Writing from The Heart (for aspiring writers, poets and seekers of truth)

Surrender to the Divine, and you will fulfill the unique purpose of your creation, achieve profound well-being, and live a life of happiness, flow, and balance.


Eiman Al Zaabi is a life coach, facilitator, and spiritual teacher who helps clients transform their relationships and careers, heal from past trauma, and live authentically. She is the author of The Art of Surrender: A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being.


For workshop requests, Eiman requires minimum of 3 weeks lead time prior to the date of the event. 


Abu Dhabi, UAE; worldwide by arrangement. 

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