You don't have to quiet your mind!

Have you ever wished you could switch off your mind? Stress and worry are universal human experiences. We all want to space out or distract ourselves at times. But if you shut off your mind, you lose your greatest ally. Your brain and mind have a spiritual purpose, which is seek the truth and the Divine.  

If you’ve tried meditation and found it impossible or unsatisfying, take heart: The voice in your head is not your enemy. It’s there to help you make meaning of your life. Instead of worrying or ruminating, you can take charge of the power of your mind and practice inquiry

By embracing our natural human inquisitiveness and seeking the truth, we are ultimately led to surrender. Anxiety and stress fall away. Our souls rejoice as we dance in resonance with the trees, the birds, the stars – with all the rest of creation, which already knows how to surrender.  

Inquiry is a way to overcome mental chaos. It’s the gateway to joy and peace. Inquiry helps you form a deeper connection to yourself, the natural world, and the Divine. 


Inquiry is fun, and it is something you can do here and now!  

Need support along the way?

Live a soul lead life, feel aligned and connected to yourself, nature and to God. Practice spiritual inquiry and find your own spiritual path. Discover the art of surrender and align yourself to the truth and intention of creation. 


Start your spiritual journey today with Eiman Al Zaabi as your teacher and your sincere guide. 

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