What are you seeking?

When I was in my early twenties, I suffered from anxiety and depression. My days were a living nightmare as I had one panic attack after another. I wanted desperately to figure out what was wrong and fix it. I tried antidepressants, yet nothing ever truly helped. I was in a state of fear, anger, and disconnection. My mind was working against me.

Thankfully, the Divine called me in for healing. With time, I realized that I had betrayed myself on many levels, and my anxiety and depression were symptoms of that disconnection. I learned that I could choose my focus and my state of mind. That was a turning point on my spiritual journey. Once I decided to use my mind constructively, I brought my entire being into a state of unity of purpose, and my anxiety and depression eased. 

Perhaps you, too, are caught in a vicious circle trying to figure things out—trying to fix whatever you feel is wrong with yourself, your environment, or your relationships. Many of us seek answers outside of ourselves in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion and move forward. We look for something that will lift us from the depths of despair, and when we think we’ve found it, we grab on to it. 

Unfortunately, we often cast our hope toward things that will never save us. This is because we misunderstand the problem in the first place. The seeking state may seem to be about simple dissatisfaction with our life circumstances, when in fact it is a deep, innate need to restore the truth inside of us on all levels of our existence. It is a signal that our soul is seeking to thrive by living in alignment with the universal blueprint of reality as it finds its spiritual nest. 

Riding the Wave

In a time when spiritual exploration has become a trend, many people have started the search for meaning, but most do not really know what they are searching for. This trend is a response to a fundamental human dilemma. With modernization people started to feel distant from themselves, their surroundings, and the Divine. Today, our feelings of anxiety and depression are about more than our jobs, our relationships, or our living situations; they are symptoms of profound loss and alienation. In that space, people felt empty. We were left feeling that our lives and days passed us by with no meaning and no flavor, devoid of that which feeds our souls. We came to see world religions as bad and unenlightened. And so the search began for something that would satisfy our hunger. This was the birth of modern-day spirituality. 


There are all kinds of different spiritual groups that provide space for people to regain that which they feel they have lost. Groups gather to explore meditation, yoga, spiritual awakening, human potential, the law of attraction, and so on. But in the midst of the search process, a cloud of confusion may overtake us. 

Seeking Truth

Remember that seeking is instigated by the need to restore truth inside of us and around us. To find our way, we must stop and ask ourselves: When I search for happiness and contentment, am I also seeking the truth? Am I really following the light of truth, or have I been misled? Have I ended my search before finding the entire truth?


Seeking truth is a value we must all maintain. Our responsibility lies in taking full charge of our spiritual journey and not hand it over to a guru of some sort. To find God, to find ourselves and to find our place in nature is the purpose of our life and through active search and mastering the art of spiritual inquiry; you own your path and you own what you truly believe in. 


"Our well-being rests upon truth, and truth leads us to surrender. Our souls suffer when we fail to recognize what’s missing in our lives: an authentic relationship to the Divine."


Your spiritual self will lead you in discovering and realizing truth. In time, you will place your foot knowingly and firmly on the spiritual land that may be unfamiliar to you, but that is home to your soul, where the soul abides in the glory of its Lord. That homecoming is the true longing of our empty hearts.

Finding Your Spiritual Nest

In order to build our spiritual home, we must know the ingredients for our ultimate state of well-being and happiness. To be home means to be comfortable and confident in your own skin. To feel you have spiritually arrived and that you have an enduring connection with the Divine. To also live as closely and authentically to nature as your biological home. A true state of balance and well-being is achieved when we build the three pillars of our holistic well-being:

Finding Your True Self

A life of growth is not about the tear or the repair of the self. It is about who you become once the ashes settle on the ground. The law of evolution that governs our life ensures the growth of our soul to learn and express its purpose. To attend to its ways of being and ways of expressing. Through intentional self-awareness, you come to know your qualities, your values, your life purpose, and your unique ways of expressing your soul’s goodness. You become comfortable and confident in your own skin. Finding your essence and your innate goodness is the first step in embarking on a spiritual quest and establishing a life of happiness and well-being. 

Finding God

In every human heart there burns a flame of truth—a glimpse of that which is sacred and eternal, infinite and holy, meaningful and compassionate. The path to cultivating an enduring connection with the Divine lies in practicing spiritual inquiry. Once you have a direct experience of God, there's no going back. You are drawn in with all your heart and soul towards an intimate relationship with your creator and you begin to rely on him every step of the way. Remember that your job is to show up, be in truth and speak truth, while knowing your destiny lies in the hands of a loving God.  

Finding Your Physical Home

As artificial modern-day life sweeps us away from the shore of beauty, we lose connection—and hope of spiritual redemption. Rediscovering our connection to nature allows us to be infused with the truth in every breath we take. Home to humans means a place where they can thrive. A place that grounds them and allow them to assume their role as stewards of the land. We give to nature rather than take away from it. We build a symbiotic relationship that is based in truth. To find your physical home means to assess the integrity of your physical environment including your food, your home and your immediate environment and align yourself back to the truth.  

The world we currently live in tends to promote more disconnection than connection on the levels above. If you are tired, overwhelmed, anxious, disconnected, or in deep despair, come on the journey to reestablish your connection to yourself, to God, and to nature while you build the holistic nest of your well-being and activate your brain's innate gift: inquiry. 

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Live a soul lead life, feel aligned and connected to yourself, nature and to God. Practice spiritual inquiry and find your own spiritual path. Discover the art of surrender and align yourself to the truth and intention of your creation. 


Start your spiritual quest with Eiman Al Zaabi as your teacher and your sincere guide. 

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