Daily Comfort For Uncertain Times

We humans have always found life to be uncertain, even under the best of circumstances. Today, we are facing not only daily individual challenges but also a profound shared anxiety brought on by political polarization, economic inequality, climate change, and the toxic effects of social media. The turbulence can be exhausting. We may wonder, Howe can I go on?

Spiritual teacher Eiman Al Zaabi offers 365 inspirations to help readers find the Divine support necessary to live with grace in chaotic and uncertain times.

Is true happiness your goal?

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Vine Communities Project

It's time that we heal ourselves, nature and our connection with our creator. I am starting a movement through an online platform called Vine Communities that enables communities  to learn the skills necessary to local reliance, preparedness, and mutual aid. This program will empower individuals and communities to have access to experts in the sustainability field from around the world. 

Need support along the way?

 Live a soul lead life, feel aligned and connected to yourself, nature and to God. Practice spiritual inquiry and find your own spiritual path. Discover the art of surrender and align yourself to the truth and intention of your creation. 


Start your spiritual quest with Eiman Al Zaabi as your teacher and your sincere guide. 

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