"Our search for the truth is an innate drive that is linked to our ultimate happiness and well-being"

My philosophy

Our well-being is permanently intertwined with our search for the truth in this universe. Let me explain.

With its precise and interconnected ecosystem, the universe is founded in harmony; it would not exist without harmony. At the same time, our well-being as humans on this planet depends on our each living a life that keeps us in balance and connected with that universal harmony. Such a life is attainable only when we engage in the search for truth. In this way, truth and harmony are two sides of the same coin. Read More

The Self

Our individuation is comprised of the soul, the self, and the ego. The self is the manifestation of our soul in the physical world. The ego is a shadow identity which builds pain and suffering into our worlds. It has an evolutionary purpose in our life.
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The Context

“Context” refers to the spiritual context of our awakening and of our daily existence. Understanding the context of our journey means leading a life of inquiry to help you recognize the rules under which life and the universe operate.

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The Journey

On the journey, you are actively seeking out truth, and discovering ways to fulfill your soul’s needs. This combination of engaged spiritual activity propels you on a journey toward surrendering to Source.

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Your Companion on the journey

"Eiman reminds us that surrender is not about being 'less than' anything or anyone. It is a lifelong journey and spiritual practice connected to true humility." - Penney Pierce author of Frequency and Leap of Perception

What People Are Saying

Gentle and Profound Wisdom

"I am so grateful to have found this book. I read many books that discuss spiritual paths so it is a true delight to come across a book with as much wisdom and clarity as "The Art of Surrender." At first I began to skim through the book as I am apt to do, but found myself wanting to return to the opening pages and read it more thoroughly from beginning to end. I did not want to miss anything. What attracted me was not just the profound thoughts being expressed but the manner in which those thoughts were expressed. The author has a gentle, peaceful way of self-expression that I was drawn to the tone of the book as much as I was drawn to the content. You get a true sense that the author is authentic; that she lives what she writes which makes her ideas and concepts even more compelling. More remarkable to me, the author is a young woman but her words suggest she is an old soul. If you seek to move closer to the Divine this book may give you a certain clarity to help you on your journey. It is truly a remarkable book. I hope to read more of this author's works in the coming years." Paul Coleman, Psy.D.

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