HAAD Family Medicine Retreat: Work/Life Balance for Medical Practitioners: Feb 2017

Eiman gave a workshop to faculty, graduates and students of Health Authority Residency Program members on the effects of stress and discussed ways on how to live a balanced professional life. 

Mindfulness The Gateway to Spiritual Connection: Dec 2016

Eiman conducted a workshop on how mindfulness is the gateway to spiritual connection. Topics discussed were: the spiritual purpose of our brain, the art of spiritual inquiry and how practice inquiry is a tool for mindfulness. 

NYUAD Alumni Events: May 2016

Eiman gave a talk on the spiritual journey and how living a purpose driven life contributes to our well-being and happiness. 

Table Topics 3: One on One with Eiman Al Zaabi: May 2016

Based on popular demand, a follow up event was organized with Eiman to delve deeper into the topics covered during the first table topics session.